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  • Daniel Weinstein

Guests on NEMIC's #MedTechMondays Podcast, and Surfing in China

Welcome to the second blog post on our new Lura Health website. If this is your first time reading one of our blogs, thank you for visiting and we hope you'll enjoy following what we are up to! We started this blog after Dan and I moved from Boston to Shenzhen, China, to join the HAX Accelerator program. We want to share updates about what day to day life is like here in Shenzhen and any cool adventures we get into, so these posts will not necessarily be focused on the technical or business progress of Lura Health - although we will occasionally post about especially exciting updates.

Although the global virus situation still persists, this last week in Shenzhen was really fun. Shenzhen has managed to almost completely stop the spread of the virus within the city, so daily life is not impacted or restricted too heavily. People are able to do just about anything they would have been able to do several months ago, except now there are tons of temperature screening checkpoints, a requirement to wear face masks, and other preventative measures in place.

This means that if somebody wanted to go on a hike or even go surf at a beach, they would have no problem doing so - and Dan did exactly both of those things this week! We are also very excited to be featured on the most recent #MedTechMondays podcast, a weekly med-tech series hosted by the New England Medical Innovation Center (NEMIC). Let's get into the details and see some cool pictures!

If you are new to following our blog posts, then you may not know that Dan is in fact an extremely talented ultimate Frisbee player. He played while studying at Tufts, and has been playing pickup with the local ultimate Frisbee team here in Shenzhen. Dan and I even went to an ultimate Frisbee tournament in Cambodia last month with several players from the team here in Shenzhen.

However, the people who play ultimate here in Shenzhen are also a really fun group of friends and often do many more things together than just play Frisbee. The last two weekends, Dan went with the team to go on an awesome hike and also go surfing at a nice white sand beach. As you can see from the pictures above, the weather was great and it was all around a fantastic time.

Dan was also the featured guest on this week's episode of #MedTechMonday, a podcast series hosted by the New England Medical Innovation Center or NEMIC. In the podcast Dan talks about our story here at Lura Health - how we started, where we are now, and our vision for where we want to be in the future. You can listen here:

NEMIC is a non-profit Med Tech Hub in Rhode Island, focused on advancing medical technologies to markets where they can help patients. NEMIC does so by bringing together the brightest innovators, clinicians, entrepreneurs, and investors together to collaborate and learn from each other. NEMIC offers co-working space, private offices and event spaces, as well as world support and mentorship. Lura Health has been a NEMIC Fellow for quite some time now, and the exceptional team at NEMIC have been instrumental in helping us navigate the world of running a startup in the medical technology space.

If you are into podcasts, medical technologies, or both, we think you'd really enjoy their podcast series #MedTechMondays. The series is featured on The Rhode Pod and a new episode is published every Monday. The podcasts are all available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, and you can find all the links here:

If you want to learn more about NEMIC, here are all the links you can visit to get in touch:


That's all for this week's update, don't forget to share with friends or anybody who you think would be interested in hearing about what we're up to over here at Lura Health. Until next time!


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