Personal Health

Monitoring Platform

We are changing the field of preventative healthcare with sensors that effortlessly monitor health through saliva


Our First Product

A Sensor to Monitor Oral Health

Our sensor sits comfortably on one tooth, continually monitors oral acidity and transmits data to a mobile application. Patients receive notifications to monitor oral health in real-time, at the most important moments.

The dentist can also analyze long-term data through a web portal to provide personalized oral health strategies. Our solution allows dentists and patients to work together to customize oral health strategies like never before.

Our Impact

Changing the Field of Patient Monitoring

The salivary diagnostics industry is currently valued at over $2.6 billion and is rapidly growing. Our technology will enable salivary diagnostics to occur automatically and continually in the mouth itself for real-time feedback.


Our technology will allow individuals to take control of their health in a way that is easier, more personalized, and more focused than ever before.




CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Saam


CMO, Co-Founder


Daniel is a biomedical engineer with experience in drug development, stem cell engineering, and nanoscale biosensing.

Saam earned his D.M.D. at Tufts School of Dental Medicine and is now specializing in orthodontics at the University of Connecticut.



COO, Co-Founder



Q&R Manager

Noah is a software engineer with focus and experience in embedded systems, Internet of Things, and power management.

Bill is an expert in regulatory and quality strategy. He has over 30 years of experience in the medical device field, has passed dozens of products through FDA, and holds 15 patents.


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Personal Health Monitoring Platform

Product in development. Not approved for sale or distribution in the USA.

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